Personalized Approach

 I'm a Colorado Native, avid skiier and Certified Home Inspector. A former Electrical, Chemical and Thin-Film Engineer, I wanted to make the move from the city to my mountain home.

I'm a nationally certified home inspector and certified for Radon testing as well. I look forward to discussing the options for checking

your mountain home on a scheduled basis. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

I spent 30 plus years as an engineer.

Detail, analysis and meticulous record keeping was part of my daily routine. My skills allow

me to inspect your property with a keen eye.

I will record my inspection, take any pictures needed, and report back to you in a timely manner. As a certified home inspector,

I can explore your property inside and out

and look for issues that have occurred or

could possibly occur.


I want you to be extremely satisfied with my service.
I'm reliable and accountable for my service. I love my mountain property and always felt like if there was someone who could check on my home while I was in the city, I would have hired them to do so. I want to be that person for you and your family. Twice monthly, monthly or in an emergency, I can be there when you can't.